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KidKam in the News: June 2015 Updates

A lot of buzz is being generated as parents and teachers are trusting in their classrooms and homes for video streaming. To help spread the word,  KidKam had its first official press release published on June 4th thanks to The article features commentary from its founders highlighting KidKam's mission for being a safe online site for kids. It notates KidKam's advanced parental controls and discusses the importance of the screening process that makes KidKam unique. The full press release can be read here:

How Safe Are Those "Other" Sites?

In the past year, other apps and sites have launched claiming to offer kid-friendly videos at the touch of a button. Take the YouTube Kids app, for example. By deleting offensive comment boards and creating an easy-to-use platform for kids, the app does seem ideal for responsible parents who want to keep their child safe online. With a timer, sound settings, and other parental controls, a  parent can seemingly give their child an iPad let them “view away” since all the content has been filtered through a complex computer algorithm.  

Welcome to the KidKam Blog!

Welcome to the KidKam Blog for 2015!

Just like our video database, our blog will continue to grow each week with useful content for parents and educators. We want to chat about technology in the classroom and share engaging lesson plan ideas using our videos! Make sure to read about our featured KidKam screeners to learn more about our team of experts behind the screening process.


Meet our Featured Screener Mary Sharp

Mary SharpQualified screeners like Mary Sharp make all the difference when it comes to building KidKam’s safe and educational video gallery. A KidKam Screener has the important role of making certain an uploaded video is both kid-friendly and appropriate for the classroom. Teaching since 2006, Sharp’s dynamic background has helped KidKam’s library grow with quality content for elementary students.