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Nick Lind is a Co-Founder of KidKam and a kindergarten teacher in Boston, MA. He received an undergraduate d ... read more

Dr. Moira

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Dr. Moira is a pediatrician who trained at Children's National Medical Center and now practices at a prima ... read more


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Ms. Olmsted teaches an arts-based science program called KIDLAB at a charter school in Dorchester, Massac ... read more


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Ms. Chisholm has worked as a one to one aide, Kindergarten assistant and first grade teacher at a charte ... read more


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Ms. Murphy is a kindergarten teacher at a charter school in Boston. She received her undergraduate degree ... read more


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Ms. Riley is a first grade teacher in the Seattle Public School district. She earned a Master in Early Chil ... read more


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Ms. Rollings teaches first grade in the Chicago Public Schools. She is a graduate of Boston College, wh ... read more


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Originally from Cohasset, Minnesota. She attended and graduated in 2005 from the University of Wiscon ... read more


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Ms. Jeske is a 6th grade teacher in Northern Minnesota. She received her undergraduate degree in Environmen ... read more

Dr. Heidi

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Dr. Heidi is a pediatrician who trained at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC and now pra ... read more


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Mrs. Neumann is a 5th grade teacher in Reedsburg, WI. She has taught 5th grade since 2011. Previous to tea ... read more


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Mr. Decker has been teaching music in New England for 17 years. He is a graduate of Rhode Island College ... read more


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Ms. Hood is a K1-8th grade visual art teacher at a charter school in Dorchester, Massachusetts. She received ... read more


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Mr. Hernandez is a 2nd grade teacher in Newton, MA, where he has worked for 5 years. He received his Ma ... read more


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Mrs. Rodgers is a wife and mother from Florence, Kentucky. She graduated from Northern Kentucky Unive ... read more


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Mrs. Seabert has been in education for over a decade. She started off as a 1-on-1 assistant for special ... read more


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Erica McIntire is a fourth grade learning facilitator with 1:1 MacBooks at Webster Elementary in Plymou ... read more


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Ms. Haage is a third grade teacher in Broward County, FL. She has been teaching in Broward County since ... read more