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Mrs.VanderLinden has her B.A. in Bilingual Elementary Education with a K-12 ESL endorsement from Bo ... read more


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Mrs. Swain is a 2nd grade teacher at Webster Elementary in Plymouth, Indiana. She went to Ball State Univ ... read more


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Ms. Fotieo is a kindergarten teacher in an inclusive classroom in a public district school in Queens, New ... read more


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Ms. Petzold is a second grade teacher at a public school in Northern Massachusetts. She received her Bach ... read more


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Ms. Yarmoluk is a first grade teacher in the Atlanta, Georgia area. After completing a Bachelors degr ... read more


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Mrs. Perry is a 3rd grade teacher in her second year of teaching in Marietta, Ohio. She has a Bachelors De ... read more


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Hi! My name is Amanda, and I teach an awesome group of kids in a self-contained classroom. We use online ... read more


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Mrs. Sturm is a graduate of Saint Leo University with a Bachelor's degree in elementary education. For th ... read more


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Mrs. Whitacre has a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Pe ... read more


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Mrs. Steffek is a 2nd grade teacher at a private Christian Elementary school in Abilene, TX. She receiv ... read more


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Miss.Tate is a 5th Grade Teacher in Kentucky. She earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Morehead Sta ... read more


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Mrs. Tidwell teaches Mobile Media (iPads) at a 1:1 6th grade school in Kansas City, Kansas. She has t ... read more


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Mrs. Corvacchioli is a first grade teacher from Dahlonega, Georgia. She received her degree in Ele ... read more


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Mary Sharp has been an elementary teacher since 2006. She completed her Masters degree in 2009 which earn ... read more


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Mrs. Hamp is a 6th year teacher. She taught first grade for 5 years in her home town in Missouri. Now sh ... read more


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Kanelia Cannon is an middle level English teacher in the Aiken County Public School District in South Caro ... read more